Yves Rocher’s 8 Best Skincare Products – I FREAKING Love

Yes I know! I just love Yves Rocher, but I can’t Help it, I have very sensitive and Oily skin and I had tried many expensive products but with little results until a friend of mine introduced me to Yves Rocher, I had just gone through some challenging health issues and my beautiful skin paid a price.

Then I discovered these amazing products and so today I am writing about Yves Rocher’s 8 best skincare Products I freaking love.

I have also done a Review on Yves Rocher and If you want to read it please click here and you good to go.

I am so in love With these Products and I have seen amazing changes With my Skin, I had to patient and persistent but it has paid in the long run.

I know I have a skincare routine that I follow and if you could love to read and learn a few things and add them to your routine, click here to read my article.

Some of you Who do not follow a routine, it is not that difficult and this is the easiest way to go about it, just Cleanse, exfoliate(which I do twice a week) eye cream, girl if you have hit 35, you need to Hurry up before those Lines starting knocking at Your door and dark circles. Moisturize and those who love SPF you have it.

So What Are My Best 8 Skincare Products.

1. Cleanser

Yves Rocher Pure System 2 in 1 Cleanser and Exfoliator – Clean Pore Action, Thanks to its botanical micro-beads, this cleanser plus exfoliate is very gentle on the skin but it leaves your skin clean and very so fresh. It does eliminate excess sebum and purifies skin, it unclogs pores and removes blackheads.

2. Toner

Yves Rocher’s Perfecting Toning Lotion

Instantly perfect make-up removal, cleans and hydrates skin leaving a revived tone and radiant fresh texture. It does love my skin feeling so clean and soft. No Strong smell and paraben free.

3. Moisturizer

Hydra Vegetal – 24H Rich Hydrating Cream

This is a 24-hour Rich Moisturizing cream intense, it gives a long-lasting hydration and makes the skin feel smooth, as Yves Rocher has said regarding this product, love the skin you’re in and look after it couldn’t agree more but also as always I talk about watching what you put on the place for even a better looking skin.

Always Add fruits and vegetables to your diet and your skin will thank you. This rich is developed especially for normal to dry skin and has natural and organic ingredients. I am a full support of natural and organic products.

4. Eye Cream

Anti-Age Global – these eye cream fight against ageing and illuminate the eyes, I had dark circles and I have just used this for a month now and my dark circles are gone, I could not believe it, but it does smooth wrinkles and fine lines and visibly decongest under eye bages. And I have seen significant change. I am happy so far.

<A Good Diet Will Do more for the Skin>


5. Serum Vegetal

Ultra – Smoothing Serum, this serum reduces wrinkles and fine lines, the skin radiance is revived, it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. The moisturizing texture is easy to absorb.

How to Use

Morning and Night, Apply on the entire face avoiding eye contour and shake well before you use.

6. Miscellar Cleansing Oil

I am suppose to use an SPF but I love oils, face oil are good and this one works really well for my face it does not make my face more oily but does remove my make-up. This is a silky oil which removes even long-lasting make-up, using tips: Apply evening on dry face, eyes, lips and neck message to remove make-up. Add water to emulsify then rinse thoroughly.

7. Yes Rocher Vegetal Hydrating Micellar Water 2 in 1
  • Removes makeup, refreshes and hydrates the skin.
  • Product DescriptionOur Botanical Beauty researchers have selected Maple and Blue Agave Saps combined with Botanical Retain for their ability to capture moisture.Specially developed for normal to combination skins, the Hydrating Micellar Water 2 in 1 cleanses skin without drying it out, eliminating impurities and makeup.
  • Result : Perfectly cleansed, your skin is hydrated and toned in a single step.
  • The Plus: Its freshness provides a real feeling of well-being!

This is a Great Product for me since my skin dries in Winter, it does leave my skin feeling so fresh and smooth. I love it though the oil for me removes the makeup better than the Micellar water, the only good thing is it does hydrate my skin well. It is a must have product.

8. I have added Elixir Jeunesse

To my collection of skincare products and this oxygenates my skin leaving it feeling so soft and rested for a skin tone that is brighter.
I hope you can try any of these products and let me know what works and what does not work for you and if you have any amazing products that natural and organic please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you.

To A Flawless Skin.

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4 Replies to “Yves Rocher’s 8 Best Skincare Products – I FREAKING Love”

  1. My wife has struggled with bad skin all her life. We are constantly trying the next best thing. Well it looks like Yves Rocher is our next stop.

    Having bad skin can be demoralizing and frustrating to an individual. I see it daily. So I’m hoping this is it. I’ll be sure to follow up and let you know how it goes once we get our hands on the product.

    1. Hi Harvey,

      I hope every thing works out, ask her also to change her diet to include alot of fruits, water, and vegetables.  That has helped me alot.

      Please do let me know how it goes and I am glad to be of any Help.


  2. Ever since I was little I’ve seen my mom using these products and she has the smoothest baby skin ever… so I tend to believe that yves Rocher has a good and effective product line. I havent tried them myself yet because I find them ocnfusing…meaning I wouldn’t know what to uss for what. Plus i have problematic skin, unlike my mom who gets a pimple once a blue moon.

    So what would you recommend in these products for acne skin and for someone who’d be willing to build a skin regimen up with yves Rocher?


    1. Hi, sorry for responding late, I would be very happy to Help you out but you have not indicted what type of skin you are? In that I mean do you have dry skin or Oily Skin, we have to determine that in order for me to Help you.  Because I cant just tell you what Products to use without knowing the type of skin you are.  It wont just Help.

      I am a beauty advisor for Yves Rocher, So I will be able to Help, please let me know the type of skin you have.


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