Yves Rocher’s 10 Days Defiligne Detox SOS Cleanse – My Review

Product  : Defiligne Detox SOS(10 days)

Website : www.yves-Rocher.com

Overall Rank : 98 out of 100 Owners :

Yves Rocher Headquarters : Rennes, France

First before we even look at this detox, lets first understand what detoxing is all about, some people maybe familiar with this but just in case there is someone out there who has no idea what I am talking about.  So let’s get down to business shall we?

What is Detoxing

I looked up the word and this is what it said, Detoxing is getting rid of toxic or unhealthy substances from the body.  If you are like me, you want to have a healthy lifestyle, you eat right and now you want to add detoxing, so how do you go about it?  I am glad you asked because I have a detox that is just right for you. So here it is..

This is a 10 days detox, and here is what Yves Rocher says about this product, defiligne Detox SOS favors elimination of waste and toxins by purifying the body.

A detox program that is regular and  an excellent starting point for a healthy life style.  I am a healthy fanatic and when ever I see something that says it improves your lifestyle, I want to try it though I always go for natural products with natural ingredients and Yves Rocher is good for this. Below is my article about Yves Rocher’s Products you can read it by clicking here!

I have heard so much about detox programs, how they improve your health and eliminate toxins by purifying your body, they are different kinds of remedies out there, namely Juice cleanses, sugar cleanses and detox diets, but you don’t need to change anything apart from Just adding this detox which comes in form of Juice.

It comes in a bottle and the packaging is good, you have a measuring cup and they recommend diluting 45ml of a measuring cup into 1 liter of water.  The taste is so good, it has a nice flavor and easy to drink, and here is my experience.

My 10 Days Detox Experience

Day 1

My first day was normal, remember this has to be consumed throughout the day, so after drinking like half, I started feeling a bit weak and cold, but nothing too serious.  Just some chills.

Day 2.

Same feeling and going to the the bathroom a lot.  I did not see any difference or maybe I did not pay much attention but the feelings were just like the first day I started drinking the detox, feeling weak and chills.

Day 3

As usual made my Detox Juice and went to do my skincare routine then I noticed a change in my skin, some of my dark spots had cleared and the skin looked so fresh, with a glow, I was really shocked and happy at the same time, I saw my skin clearing up really good. I was very excited.

I have written an article about my skincare routine and you can click here to read if you are interested!

Day 4

I continued to see  improvement in my skin, that is one thing I can say I really noticed.  Elimination of waste and toxins, I am sure I can safely say it does work, or else I was not going to see that much difference in my skin in just 3 days of doing the detox cleanse.

Day 5.

The results continued to improve and most of my dark spots had cleared, I still have a few but not as bad as before and I am thinking of doing another 10 days, to see if all dark spots will be cleared because I am really curious about this detox, the results really surprised me, because I was not really expecting those results.

Day 6

I am light in complexion and of late my skin has been darkening but thanks to this detox, my skin is clearing and my complexion is coming back to normal and I am so happy and super excited and looking forward to my next 10 days of detox cleansing and I can’t wait to start, the results were just amazing.

Day 7

Just continued seeing improvement in my skin and the continued clearing of dark marks.

Day 8

I felt weak but not like before and the chills are gone by now , but now but my skin keeps on improving, to really show that this detox is working, it shows with the improvement of the skin, this is my experience another person may experience something different but for me to see this change, I would rather use this than go for expensive creams that does not give that quick results.

Day 9

I was very happy with my complexion by day 9 but unfortunately I had only one more day left and I really wanted to continue but this is a 10 day detox program.

Day 10

I finally finished my detox and I was very satisfied with the results and I can safely say this detox works for me per say.  I could not believe how clear my skin was and just the clearing of dark spots or marks on my face was amazing and seeing the complexion returning to its normal color is mind blowing, I love this detox and I am definitely going to do another 10 days detox.

My Final Thoughts

I know there are so many detox programs out there and usually products don’t deliver so I was abit skeptic when I started using this detox but I am very impressed and I really like this product, I think this is very good even for clearing skin, worked for me maybe can work for others as well.

But I really really love this detox and if you want to give it a try please let me know how it goes, I would love to hear from you.

And if you find this article informative please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you, hope you can try it and share your experience with me.  I will be waiting to hear your views.

To Flawless Skin

Webiste URL : www.yves-rocher.com

Founder : Yves Rocher

Overall Rank : 98 out of 100

Headquarters : Rennes, France

Verdict : Verdict

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4 Replies to “Yves Rocher’s 10 Days Defiligne Detox SOS Cleanse – My Review”

  1. I’ve been curious about detox diets for a while now. even though I try to eat as healthy as possible I know that there are many toxins in our environment that aren’t good for us. I’d consider giving this a try but I was a little taken back by your feeling weak and getting chills the first 2 days. Also you didn’t mention how much water you’re required to drink during the day and I believe that drinking lots of water is great for skin tone and health. What is the recommended amount of water to consume while on this 10 day detox?

    1. Hi Lynn,

      I know but those chils were not bad and feeling weak may depend on the type of person I am and maybe the toxins in my body, every person is different.  But that should not stop you from trying remember Yves Rocher Products are all natural based, no side effects.

      I did mention that you diluite in 1 litre of water, for me that Was enough to make me stay hydrated, this is something you can decide for yourself, there is no rule that I follow, though I try to drink 1 litre of water everyday.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Wow, i am glad that I read you article. it is very interesting. as this is first artcle about detox, and about this product, it was useful and good information.
    need to take a detox tour for myself as well 🙂
    thank you to share this information.
    how aften you offer to make detox tours? I never made any.

    1. Hi,

      This Was a 10 day detox in form of a drink, and good taste, I did it for 10 days, I am starting another 10 days, my skin really changed and I want to continue for another 10 days and see what happens.

      Try  it and let me know how it goes.

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