Yves Rocher – My Number ONE Cosmetics and Beauty Brand for 2017

Founder : Yves Rocher

Headquarters : Rennes, France

Website : www.yves-rocher.com


Products : Cosmetics

Skincare products can be overwhelming but finding the ones which are natural is another thing,  A friend of mine introduced me to Yves Rocher, because I love cosmetics that have natural origin and 100% of their extracts has to be botanical and Yves Rocher is just that. So Yes I have chosen Yves Rocher as my Number One Cosmetics and Beauty Brand for 2017.

They have so many amazing products that I have tried and they are coming up With amazing beauty products, like Foundations, Powders, Concealer, Primers etc but that is another story for another day, here I am looking at Skincare products  and what I have tried and what has worked for me.

I have written article about my skincare routine and you can find it by clicking here, so having said that let’s see what I have added from Yves Rocher and my best Products.


Yves Rocher – Sebo Vegetal Gel Purifying detergent, I use it in the morning,  it does leave my skin fresh and clean but my skin dries abit so I am hoping to find the one that does not dry my skin, but I love the fact that it does cleanse well my Skin.

Yves Rocher – Sensitive Vegetal Cleansing Cream,(non foaming – Sulfate free).  This is a cream cleanser that leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth, you gently apply it on dry face in the evening, gently massage and then rinse, it just leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth, especially for those with dry Skin. This one is my number one, I just love it.

Serums And  Day and Night Creams

I love the two Serums, both are wrinkles and Radiance, the difference is one is a gel like and the other one is a cream, the gel I use in the morning and the cream one I use in the night, I have seen a lot of improvement with my skin, I started having blemishes but I see my skin clearing.

Having said that always remember to start with a good diet, filled with fruits and vegetables if you want to have good skin, I have good skin but reaching 40 comes with its own challenges. So I really try to look after my skin and watch what I put on my plate. My Skin will tell the story. I love both Serums and I would recommend it to those with oily skin but tending to dry now that we are going towards winter.

So here the two Serums : Yves Rocher – Wrinkles And Radiance (Soothing Care) for Night, this is my choice and you can choose one based on your skin type.

Yves Rocher – Serum Vegetal Wrinkles and Radiance (Ultra Smooth Serum) You can use it both in the morning and at night but I prefer to use it in the mornings. Amazing product, and very smooth on the skin, I just love it.

They also have masks and scrubs, I am just trying them now and will write a review soon after a month, to really see how they work on my skin, I am Enjoying the mask though, but be patient and wait for the review on that one, but if you really want to check out my article on skincare routine please click here and read.

Eye Creams

Yves Rocher – Anti-Age Global Cellular Native Vegetali – this one also I have just started using it and I promise to do a review also but so far my favorites are the cleansers, the serums and I am just trying out also their new primer which so good so far, they have amazing makeup palettes for make up lovers like me but that is also going to be for another day.

My Final Thoughts.

I love their products and especially that everything is natural and botanical extracted 100% and all their formulas are natural formulas, I have very sensitive Skin but with these products, I have not had any irritations but have seen so much improvement and my skin is coming back to its origin color which is a plus for me. Italian weather has not been kind to my skin, coming from a warmer climate, I suffer a lot during Autumn and Winter,  my skin Just dries out but with Yves Skin I am confident my complexion is coming back.

Would I recommend Yves Rocher to anyone? It is a definite yes they are a legit brand and their products are natural, they have products for all skin types, so why don’t you try some of their products and let me know how it goes.

If you found this article useful please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you,  so as Yves Rocher say on their website “Act Beautiful”.




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4 Replies to “Yves Rocher – My Number ONE Cosmetics and Beauty Brand for 2017”

  1. I have sensitive skin that why I seldom change brands
    when it comes to skin care and beauty products. However, I noticed lately that my skin is starting to react negatively to the brand I am currently using so I thought maybe it’s time to switch to another.

    I guess what they say is true that when we are in our 40’s, there will be significant changes in out skin texture and will become more sensitive so we need to give it extra care and attention.

    I have been looking into Yves Rocher but I wasn’t really
    sure if it will be suitable to my skin. Reading your review and recommendation, I thought I might give it a try since they are products of natural origin. I am not so much with cosmetics but I always use cleansers and day and night creams.

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience with Yves Rocher.

    1. Hi Alysanna,

      I have very sentive Skin and I am turning 45 in less than 2 months, So I know how hard those changes can be, but for me Yves Rocher has worked amazingly well for ..I use their products from makeup to handwash etc..I cant complain.

      Hope it works for you too.

  2. Cindy
    Thanks for writing an article about Yves Rocher, a cosmetic brand which is a natural product. My skin is very sensitive and allergic to some chemicals. Since this contains botanically extracted natural formulas this may be useful to people having sensitive skin.
    I will be considering using this product.i have one question. Can this product help allergy skin?


    1. Hi Parabakaran,

      I have very sensitive skin and these products have worked wonders for me.  I don’t think you should have a problem because allergy comes from using chemicals and certain plants, but to be sure try on a small part of your skin for a few days and if you see no allergies.. Then you can continue to use..

      I am confident you will find these products amazing.


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