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Today I am writing a review about Skin Brighteners, what it is? and Why someone would need a skin brightener, is it safe to use? So here is Skinceuticals Phyto Correctivd Gel Review, so let’s get started by understanding what skin brighteners are.

What is A Skin BRIGHTENER?

This a product that works to lighter the skin, they usually target post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Also for women With skin problems such as acne, cysts or just dark spots. Most of the products have hydroquinone as this is perceived as Gold Standard. But you have to be very careful as some of these products may increase the risk of skin cancer, so you really have to do your home work before you buy and you need to have a good reason as to Why you want to use a skin brightener.

So my Review is actually about Skinceuticals Corrective Gel and as I research and went to their website this is what it and about this skin brightener.

About The Product

This product contains Botanical extracts with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents which helps soothe and calm the skin, it also diminishes appearance of brow spots.

As I mentioned, Skin Brighteners can be amazing but choosing one with hydroquinone even if it’s the standard good can cost you dearly in the long run, I have a few hyperpigmentations on my cheekbones and forehead so I was looking for a product that will get rid of that but also a product that is hydroquinone free, I wouldn’t want to risk skin issues eventually, So I had to choose wisely.

Skin brighteners can be great even for women who just want to lighten or brighten their skin especially if you go for creams or serums With Glycolic acid, Licorice and Vitamin B3 in form of Niacinamide. Glycolic acid mositurizers the skin for a brighter skin, it boosts Collagen and it is safe For sensitive skin, Niacinamide on the other hand helps With hypergimentation and boost the immune of the skin. But Skinceuticals Phyto Coorective Gel is great because it has natural ingredients and it is safe to use.

What is Skinceutical Corrective Gel

This is a hydroquinone-Free gel, that helps get raid of dark spot appearance and discoloration, blended with 5 botanical glycosides and mulberry, this product will soothe and lighten skin, it is also good to use as a moisturizer for those with sensitive or acne prone skin.

The Good and The Bad


Soothes irritation

Reduces Post-Treatment redness

Diminishes Post-Acne discolorartion

It is oil free and hydroquinone free

Best suited for sensitive skin and problematic skin.


It takes abit longer to see results and it is abit expensive but it does soothe skin and calm the skin.

How To Apply

Apply twice daily, 1-2 drops to problem areas, maybe applied to face, neck, alms, chest and back of hands. And it can be used by all ages. The best I saw is soothing, it does a great job soothing the skin.

My Final Thoughts

I would not say this is not a good product or a bad product, it depends on what Your skin problem is, I have great skin but I just needed to get rid of some hypergimentation and brighten my skin abit, I love makeup and I don’t like to overdo my makeup, so have clear skin helps the makeup to be flawless on the skin.

This is a great product though it took a while for me to start seeing significant improvement, but I am happy With it, it really does soothe the skin and does calm it, but it just takes abit longer to see results, Maybe it’s just my skin, everyone is different, so that should not stop Your from trying this product. I love it and I will see it from time to time just to keep my skin lighter and brighter.

So what do you think about skin brighteners, let me know Your thoughts and if you have distcovered other skin brightener creams or gels With natural ingredients please do not hesitate to spare we me.

And If you find this article informative please let me a comment below and I will definitely get back to you. To a good healthy and brighter glowing skin.

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Overall Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Verdict : Legit

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