Should You be Putting Probiotics on YOUR Skin – My Thoughts

We all that adding yogurt to your diet has some healthy benefits, especially if it comes to gut, I am talking from experience, I had problems my stomach bloating, anytime, I drunk coffee I suffered and I love coffee, then a friend of mine advised me to start adding yogurt to my diet, like to eat yogurt before I go to bed, I was really having a hard time to I decided to try and I have never looked back, my problem was solved instantly. Now we are seeing Probiotics skincare products but should you be put ring Probiotics on your skin here are my thoughts.

What are Probiotics?

I am not a fun of going into all the science and hard definitions but in simple terms, these are good bacteria which help fight inflammation in the gut. These are usually found in yogurts and supplements. They help fight bloating like I mentioned early, I had this problem. But not anymore because I have yogurt every night or at 4pm every day. They also help With stomach cramps. They keep your gut healthy and they do help digestive system.

So what about Probiotic Skincare, what do they do? These now found in creams, moisturizers and serums, promising to have the ability to rebuild and strengthen skin’s barrier. So I went on a hunt to look for one product and since I am a fan of Serums, I choose to find one serum product and I did.

Aurelia Revitalize &’Glow Serum

I am going to try and use this product, just to see if Probiotics do as much for the skin as they do for the gut and digestive system. This is a serum according to the description I got from I have summarized but this is what it says :

This is a lightweight serum with its probiotic ingredient to protect, restore and balance skin, promoting a youthful glow. Probiotics do calm the natural immune triggers in your skin caused by pollution and stress, they powerfully boost Collagen and elastin to get healthy cells.

They also help restore dull, tired skin for an instant luminous dewy radiant skin, so I got curious, this serum is very expensive and I sure hope it will deliver, so look out for my review soon on this Serum with its rich botanical ingredients and essential oils blends.

So I will definitely get this Serum and see how it will work for my skin, I have Oily skin which is also sensitive, and since this serum is for all skin types, I am sure it will work fine for me. This is for all skin types and it is dermatological tested.

So if you have tried any of the Probiotic skincare and you have seen amazing results please do not hesitate to leave Your comments below or if you have suggestions on the best probiotic creams, moisturizers I would love to hear Your views. I am looking forward to using this serum and to come back and write a product review.

So until then add yogurt to Your diet and if you are already doing that, That’s Cool. To a healthy gut and amazing young youthful dewy skin.


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