Skincare after 40 What Troubles!

Skincare after 40 What Troubles

hello everyone, today I want to talk about what women go
Through when they hit the number 40 Ouch! It is devastating
and some do even go through low self esteem when the skin
Starts charging and you have no idea what to do about it.

I have read many articles about skincare products and how to
Improve your skin, sometime there is so much information that
You lose sight of what to use and do.

For me I love simple and uncomplicated ways to use for me to
Get the desired results.

So without getting into all the details and definitions of every everything.

Here are the most simple things to do to improve Skin.

1. Wash with cleanser
2. Use face Serums
3. Use a Multitasking moisturizer
4. Wear a Sunscreen

But the most important that I know works well for me is to
Change your Diet. And eat food high in Probiotics, Probiotics are the lasted trend in the food industry.

Probiotics are live microbes and they are important bacterial that promote human health if consumed in large quantities.

So to your young and youthful Skin.


My Summer in Italy

My Summer in Italy

This is the best time for me in Italy, it is full of life
And many tourists arrive this time of the year.

Italy gets really hot this time around but the fun is worth
The heat.

My summer this year hopefully will be filled with so much fun
and maybe I Will be able to visit amazing places and enjoy myself. I love fun and meeting new people but my favorites
Are people with a good sense of humor, because I love laughing a lot.

This is a time to hydrate and use moisturizer.


My favorite drink

Gengerino: make me feel refreshed and it is a good drink
To enjoy when the summer is really scotching.

Hope you are all enjoying your coming Summers!

Till next time.


Gratitude Rocks

Gratitude Rocks

I am a fun of people with who are appreciative and have incorporated Gratitude in their life style.

It is awesome to just be round people who appreciate what life
Offers and I have come to meet some wonderful People here at WA.

I am grateful for all the amazing things that have happened to me, I am grateful that I moved into a new house.

I am grateful for the opportunity to train with WA.

It really feels nice to wake up each day and be grateful for small little things everything.

What are you grateful for?

Let me know!

Till next time.


How do I become Rich Fast

How To get rich fast

This is a question that is asked by many people and most of us have that desire within us
To be rich, so how does one become rich? and what is the best definition of “Rich”

I looked the word up and found two interesting definition of Rich

1 . Having a great deal of money and Assets.
2 . Having more money and meeting all your needs.

Intereting definitions so I sat down and asked myself how do I become rich? I have read
So many books and principles of how to become rich and yet I am still struggling to
Get the concept of how to become rich and getting rich fast.

I have acquired enough knowledge but maybe I feel I need to have certain skills in order
For me to use my knowledge adequately. So now I am on a Journey to discover the principles
Of getting rich and in a fast way, hoping to really grasp what really works for me and understand the concepts well.

And once I discovered the principles and apply them, I need to succeed for me to be able
To help others achieve their dream of becoming Rich, believe it or not everyone wants to
Become rich some are honest enough to admit that they want to be rich, others will tell
You that they are content with their lives. Am I content with my life? yes I am but I would also be content if I had a way of making money and having to do so many things that I dream
Of doing and having. It is not a bad idea to desire to be Rich.

Hope I can really find what works for me so I can share all that I discover and help someone out there to change their life as well.

“The way of Success is the way of Continuous persuit of Knowlege” Napoleon Hill

Wish me luck as I take my Journey of discovering how to get rich fast.