New Products – Still Testing and Researching

I am so sorry I have not written articles for some time now, I had to do work on my other website about social media marketing, which you will need If you are an online marketer or you have a business in general.   So I decided to write today just in case you are wondering what happened, well what’s happened is I am looking at New Products and still testing and researching.

I am sure you will be happy if I wrote from my personal experience with the products and not stealing from other people’s reviews and researches.  So I will definitely come back and give you some reviews on the new products I am  trying.

You know I am a fan of Yves Rocher and I have Just seen a new line of Skincare products which have just come out, The Anti-Age Global, though this came out few months back they have added a few products like Anti-Global Active Lotion, Super Serum Essence,  In Italian it’s written (Siero-Supra Essence), they have also eye cream treatments same line.

So I want to try this for 3 months and then come up with reviews, 3 months gives me enough time to write truthful comprehensive reviews. They have not come up with a lot of new products yet but hope to see more exciting products from Yves Rocher.

They have done well on their 10 Day Detox program which I have written a review and if you are interested you can click here! To Read.

They have a nude foundation which I absolutely love, according to them this foundation is for women from 35 years and Under but I am in my mid 40s and I am a black woman but this for me has agreed with my Skin, and it gives me a natural glow that most expensive foundations have failed to give me.

For I know the Amazing Italian Makeup Artist Davide Balosetti,  means wells but for my skin, it’s a miracle worker, so I grabbed one.  By the way Davide Balosetti is a very talented makeup artist and amazing.


I can’t even begin to imagine what it can do for those women who are 35 years and down, worth trying and I can guarantee its amazing. The Primer Base is absolute and worth having. The link to the nude foundation for a review I did is right here!

And for The Primer base  is also one of their best product and will write a review soon.  I also love their cosmetics in particular their nude and smokey palettes. But I am not seeing anything new hopefully we can see some more products in the future.

And I am looking to do some more research on some parfums and foundations which will give me more to review, my websites are there to give truthful comprehensive reviews, because when people buy they relay on us giving valuable educative information so they can make smart choices in regard to products.

I do that even with my social media marketing website and here is the link if you want to have a look and Judge for yourself. So what do you want to review about let me know in the comment section and I will give you a good review.

I have not been here because I have busy trying products and doing a lot of research but as soon I am done you will see a lot of reviews.

Apart from that I am also busy with other projects and on my social media website I will write some exciting articles as I am planning to travel to Africa, I am Zambian born but based in Italy and one of my first cousins is getting married so I have to be there.

Until then, I hope you work on improving our skin, you eat right and you work on yourself in general. Take Action Daily whether it involves skin, work, or life in general.

To a Beautiful Skin!

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