My 2017 Makeup ROUTINE

I am a lover of skincare products, but you can’t love skincare products without loving makeup, these two go hand in hand, I love mostly natural ingredients in my skincare products and I try to find even make-up that is close to that. Well I have written an article on my skincare routine and if you are interested click here to read but today I am writing about my 2017 makeup routine. I love having good skin but also having good make up just makes me happy and to be honest it boosts my confidence.

I am not saying I lack confidence, we all do at times but for me makeup is just a booster and I am not afraid to admit to that. Enough of this, so we know that when it comes to skin, you have your own routine because each person is different but the basics are cleansers, serums and moisturizers these are a must have. We also have Elixirs, toners name them and the list goes on. So here I am showing you what my make-up routine is, according to my pocket meaning budget, because you can’t just get everything that comes on the market. Unless you are maybe super rich but if you are an average person like me and you like to put on good natural looking makeup then this article is for you, so let’s just get in and see what I do when it comes to my make-up routine.

Here are My Best 10 Face Products.

1. Cleanser 2. Serum 3. Moisturizer 4. Primer 5. Foundation 6. Concealer 7. Powder 8. Bronzer 9. Blush 10. Highlighter. These are a must have if you want to have a nice flawless look, anyone can have these, you don’t need to go and buy expensive products to achieve a flawless look. I have some amazing skin and makeup products that are really reasonable. My Cleansers, Serums and Primers are by Yves Rocher, reasonable and affordable and I can tell you they have amazing Products, I have sensitive skin and it’s really difficulty to find good products for my skin but I was introduced to Yves Rocher by an Italian friend and I have not looked back, here is an article I did on some of my best products from Yves Rocher, click here to read it.

TMy Best Makeup Products – M.A.C Cosmetics

For my Foundations and makeup, M.A.C Cosmetics is my favorite, but I have tried the foundation from Yves Rocher, and it is so good, they have Shades from the lightest to darker shades which is amazing for women of color. I love this foundation because it has a natural Finish to it and I am yet to try their powders and see how it will work. My concealers are also from M.A.C and Yves Rocher, I love the stick concealer by Yves Rocher, it gives a flawless Finish to it. Amazing. My M.A. C Foundation is Studio Fix Fluid – SPF 15 in the shade NW50 and my Powder is M.A. C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NW48.

When, I want to have a flawless skin I use these with M.A. C Conceal and Correct. Yves Rocher Foundation, I use Pure Light, Light & Luminous Foundation-skin oxygenation boosting Rice extract Natural skin texture with their Primer base Pean Parfaite, 0% Silicone, alcohol and Paraben. With the Yves Rocher Flawless Skin Concealer color Beige Moyen, I also use Pupa Prfessionals Primer, this is my Number 1, it is just goes so smoothly on my skin and makes my foundation look flawless and I am just in love with this Primer. My best next thing is Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, this one does control oil on my face. Bronzer my favorite is Collister, extra light number 5 and I use it also to highlight, It is a great product for my skin tone.

For my blush, I am trying to use Maybelline and see how it goes. We all know M.A. C Products are good and can be expensive, they are things that I love from them that are so good and foundation and Powders for me are a must from them. But if you want your day to day look Yves Rocher is doing good when it comes to make-up. And I use most of their products, from makeup palettes to lipsticks brushes etc but that will be for another day. I have recently included even setting sprays to my collection because of having Oily skin, my best ones are, apart from the ones I have written about and you can find the article by clicking here. Here are my favorite setting sprays: Milani Make It Last and L’Oreal Infallible. Yves Rochers’ Products like their foundations are from £15, Concealers £10, their Serums are £20 and their moisturizers and cleaners are not more than £20, so if you budget well, you can get all your skincare and makeup products with less than £150 while if you have to have all these from M.A. C or Lancome, you will have to spend more than the amount you spend on Yves Rocher, and maybe get only a few of skincare Products, so my Secret is I mix some expensive ones with affordable ones and they give me a perfect flawless skin.

The Most Important THING

I have always, always, emphasized the need to watch what you put on the plate if you want to have a smooth skin which will make you want to put fewer products on your face, drink a lot of water, add fruits and vegetables to your diet, I do use vitamin supplements from time to time but I do make it is a must to have a good balanced meal, having to think about my skin first but also my overall health as well.

So Cleanse, put on some serum, moisturizer and then put on some nice make up of your choice and you are good to go. Let me in on your best secret to a flawless skin, and the best cheap and good makeup products out there for a flawless skin, I will try them out, I love trying new things, especially those that lean on the natural side of things. Hey! Get in touch and let me know your makeup Secrets.

If you found this article interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you, so to a beautiful skin and flawless makeup.

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