Is Following A Skin Routine Really Works – My THOUGHTS!

Women and Skin, that’s a hot topic, Every woman wants their skin to really look good, whether you are in your early twenties or you are in your later years, you still want your skin to look great right? Yes I know I do.

But challenges come when you pass the Number 35. You start noticing small changes, so today I thought of writing an article … Is Following Skin Routine Really works – My Thoughts. So Let’s get into business.

I know there are articles out there with all the science and I am all for being knowledgeable when it comes to knowing your skin type and following some tips, but what really works? how do you arrive at achieving a good healthy glowing skin? Do you follow a skin routine? or do you do your usual thing?

My answer to this question is? following a skincare routine really helps in having great skin, I have great skin but recently due to an illness, I was prescribed medicine that brought about dark spots and blemishes, it was bad that I had to do my own research, image this!  it was my first time to have skin issues, so was kind of freaking out.

Here Are The First Things I changed.

1. Diet.

I noticed that I had to change my diet first, which usually consists of lot of Pastas, Lasagnas and red meat I don’t think this contributed per se but I just had to reduce from having red meant like 3 times a week to 2 times, I incorporated white meat and fish.

I love fruits and vegetable which was not much of an issue but I discovered that you needed to eat a certain kind of fruits.

Here are some of them I included Blueberries, watermelon but I love melons as well , Cucumbers, Apples and Strawberries these work great for me.

Vegetables I included: Spinach, Pumpkins, Broccoli and my usual leafy greens. Never forgot to include some of your favorite nuts.

2. Exfoliating

I started exfoliating twice a week and I saw some improvements in my skin but my dark spots were more visible than ever.

3. Detoxing

This is my holy grail, I could not believe how good my skin become after being on my 10 day detox program and if you want to learn more click here to read my article.

This ie something I have included in my routine, and I continue seeing my skin clearing. Some people say detoxing does not work, but it has worked for me and my detox is from Yves Rocher and I have written an Article about the Amazing Products I freaking Love from them you can find out by clicking here!

4. Water

I drink at least just 1 liter of water every day, and amazing how much water can do wonders for your skin and bring back that youthful natural glow, I am not using expensive Products but just doing the above 4 but I noticed the difference when I went on 10 day detox, before I used to drink water but not like now.

Trust me water works wonders for the skin and so does detoxing, I will continue detoxing and continue monitoring my progress, but so far I am loving the look and feel of my skin, basically these are the main basic things I have incorporated in my skincare routine, you do know I have a skincare routine that I follow, don’t you? and if you want to know more  about my Secret to a glowy skin please click here!

Yes And one last thing never sleep with your make up on and exfoliate your skin twice a week to remove dead cells so your skin can breathe. These are Just simple tips that anyone can follow and won’t cost you more than $20 dollars but you sure are going to have great looking skin.

My Final Thoughts

Yes having a skincare routine really works in helping your skin looking younger and having that glowy youthful feel to it. Especially If you are in your 40s when things start changing so fast.

You will thank yourself later, if you look after Your skin now. So Include detoxing in your skincare routine and send me your thoughts and suggestions, what it is the best detox that you have used that has produced  amazing results?

And if you have any tips for clearing dark spots please leave your comments and Suggestions and I will definitely get back to you.

To A Flawless Skin.

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