End of My 2018 Summer Holiday in Italy

Italy is a beautiful place with a rich culture, I moved to Italy in 2007 under very trying circumstances and I have managed to overcome that and settle down. Having said that, I had an awesome Summer last year with my Brother and his family, we had so much fun visiting Venice(Venezia) but today we are looking at the end of my 2018 Summer Holiday in Italy.

Summer What do you expect?

Italy can be challenging because of the language barrier but now most Italians are able to speak one or two things in English so it’s not as challenging as it was in 2000 when I first visited, my late husband came from Friuli Venezia Giulia in North Italy, he was actually friulano. We came in Summer and But I wanted to visit during Christmas but now I understand what he meant.

Summer is so fun and people have so many places to visit. This year I had an opportunity of having my Aunt and cousins over who I have not seen for over 16 years.

We had so much fun and we had the opportunity to visit some shopping malls in Udine Citta Fiera to be precise. But also we went to Tagliamento River. We also to the beach called BIBIONE, beautiful and mind blowing.

Tagliamento River

I actually live in Pinzano and every summer it is a beautiful place to visit, we did not see the bridge but we managed to get down to the river as shown below.


We also made a one-day trip to Milan to see a friend and have coffee as you will come to discover that having coffee is actually part of the culture, it was so crazy but that’s what summer is all about ! adventure.

And I love adventures We left by road around 5:30am and we got to Milan around 9am because we made a few stops along the way but I had an opportunity to see a few towns and take in the beauty of Italy.

We visited the Castello Sforzesco of Milan, it is a beautiful huge Castle and so many things inside, it was mind blowing and we had a friend Francesco Mogavero takes out around and explain its rich culture and what happened during that period.

It was so hot and we wanted to get back to Friuli Venezia Giulia same day, so we went for ice cream with him and had coffee and we also went to see a few places, it was a hot day and by the end of our adventure we were so tired and next time, we might just fly there..Lol

But we did have so much fun and I am sharing some of my moments there in Milan down below. Then I had to take my Aunt and cousins out for a drink at Spilimbergo before they went back to England but I was grateful because they had spent 1 week with me and my Son and if you want to read about my 2017 adventure please click here to read.

I am grateful for this Summer because it gave me an opportunity to see my family and spend time with them. But also made see new places and meet new people. I hope to visit Rome and see how it goes. So look out for my next fun summer adventure for 2019.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my article and we will have some Christmas adventure coming soon, I love Christmas in Italy and learning their Christmas Traditions which has now become part of my culture now.

Ci Vediamo!!

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7 Replies to “End of My 2018 Summer Holiday in Italy”

  1. Hello
    Thanks so much for sharing this post about your summer in Italy.I have been to Italy several times and really love the place every time I visit.
    I`m lucky that I live close to Italy and have only 4 hours to Milano by train and less than an hour by flight to Venezia Marco Polo.
    Apart from the vacation in Italy, I love the affordable shopping compared to my home.
    As someone living in Italy, I`m sure you enjoy all the cities.I have visited Rome, Florence, Venezia, Padova, and Verona. Rome is a place I can never get enough of, it`s like opening a secret box inside another secret box.
    Once more, thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comment, and yes I do enjoy myself in Italy I fell in love with it when my late husband brought me to visit his family and I never got much of it, now that I live here I love it even more.  Yes I live near Venice, and Padova is not very far from my place.

      I have visited Trieste, Venice, I use Marco pollo  Airport when I am going out of Italy, I have been to Milan but I plan to visit as many places and Rome is my next visit next year summer God willingly.

  2. Really interesting post about Castello Sforzesco of Milan, thanks for the insights!

    Although I’ve never being there, I have had a picture and my daughter once had a friend from there
    But definitely, I can’t wait to spend my holidays in Italy.

    i really appreciate your post Dear!
    Thanks again!

  3. Hello. Italy is definitely on our my bucket list – right after Portugal and Spain.

    Is it expensive to live in Italy. My husband and are Canadians and would be considering 3 -6 months so would have to look for accommodations.

    The beaches are a big attraction for us. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    1. You have to come, Italy is beutiful and worth visiting, it depends what you consider expensive and where you want to go, I live near Venice, North Italy but I am sure if you plan well, you will definitely enjoy yourselves.

      I am here if you need any help and Beaches, Rimini should be among your choices.


  4. Hello. Sounds like you had quite an adventure. Italy is definitely on my bucket list – after Portugal and Spain.

    Would you say Italy is an expensive place to live? We would be looking at 3 – 6 months. We are Canadians who have the travel bug.

    The beaches are a very big attraction for us. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

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