Gorgeous Skin!

Everyone loves having good skin but how do you discover what to eat in order
To have a beautiful skin, dieting! dieting that is the key:)

Here I am going to talk about the 5 foods you will not want to miss in order
To have that amazing beautiful skin

Best 5 Foods for a Healthier Skin

1. Tomatoes

They contain antioxidant Lycopene and are considered high in Carotenoids.
Tomatoes are also good because they help in reducing Sun damage, you can
Best eat them with Avocados, a little of Olive oil and black pepper and you are
Good to go.

2. Eggs

Proteins from eggs will protect your skin from free radicals, and essential in
Biotin an important aspect of a vitamin that protects your Skin

3. Salmon

Salmon is is definitely a must have because it gives your Skin elasticity and helps
Reducing age lines and makes you look young and beautiful.

4. Walnuts

They are rich in Omega 3 acids which helps with the skin looking younger.

5. Avocados

They are good for your skin, you can use Avocados as part of a Salad or you can add
To your Smoothie which ever works best for you.
Avocados supply the skin with healthy fats and phytonutrients.

But last of all -)

Drink a lot water it will do good for your Skin.

To a beautiful and amazing skin!!

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