New Products – Still Testing and Researching

I am so sorry I have not written articles for some time now, I had to do work on my other website about social media marketing, which you will need If you are an online marketer or you have a business in general.   So I decided to write today just in case you are wondering what happened, well what’s happened is I am looking at New Products and still testing and researching.

I am sure you will be happy if I wrote from my personal experience with the products and not stealing from other people’s reviews and researches.  So I will definitely come back and give you some reviews on the new products I am  trying.

You know I am a fan of Yves Rocher and I have Just seen a new line of Skincare products which have just come out, The Anti-Age Global, though this came out few months back they have added a few products like Anti-Global Active Lotion, Super Serum Essence,  In Italian it’s written (Siero-Supra Essence), they have also eye cream treatments same line.

So I want to try this for 3 months and then come up with reviews, 3 months gives me enough time to write truthful comprehensive reviews. They have not come up with a lot of new products yet but hope to see more exciting products from Yves Rocher.

They have done well on their 10 Day Detox program which I have written a review and if you are interested you can click here! To Read.

They have a nude foundation which I absolutely love, according to them this foundation is for women from 35 years and Under but I am in my mid 40s and I am a black woman but this for me has agreed with my Skin, and it gives me a natural glow that most expensive foundations have failed to give me.

For I know the Amazing Italian Makeup Artist Davide Balosetti,  means wells but for my skin, it’s a miracle worker, so I grabbed one.  By the way Davide Balosetti is a very talented makeup artist and amazing.


I can’t even begin to imagine what it can do for those women who are 35 years and down, worth trying and I can guarantee its amazing. The Primer Base is absolute and worth having. The link to the nude foundation for a review I did is right here!

And for The Primer base  is also one of their best product and will write a review soon.  I also love their cosmetics in particular their nude and smokey palettes. But I am not seeing anything new hopefully we can see some more products in the future.

And I am looking to do some more research on some parfums and foundations which will give me more to review, my websites are there to give truthful comprehensive reviews, because when people buy they relay on us giving valuable educative information so they can make smart choices in regard to products.

I do that even with my social media marketing website and here is the link if you want to have a look and Judge for yourself. So what do you want to review about let me know in the comment section and I will give you a good review.

I have not been here because I have busy trying products and doing a lot of research but as soon I am done you will see a lot of reviews.

Apart from that I am also busy with other projects and on my social media website I will write some exciting articles as I am planning to travel to Africa, I am Zambian born but based in Italy and one of my first cousins is getting married so I have to be there.

Until then, I hope you work on improving our skin, you eat right and you work on yourself in general. Take Action Daily whether it involves skin, work, or life in general.

To a Beautiful Skin!

Yves Rocher’s Bust Lift Does It Work? – My Review

Product : Yves Rocher’s Bust Lift

Website :

Price. : €16.95

Owners : Yves Rocher

Headquarter : Hennes, France

Overall Rank 95 out of 100

Have you heard tried a product that you were skeptical about and you just got s surprise, that’s what happened to me, I watched a YouTube video about lifting your bust the natural way, and since I advocate for natural ways of doing things I got interested. Then I flipped through the pages of my album from Yves Rocher and found a bust lifting cream and the journey begun. So today I am writing about Yves Rocher’s bust lift does it work? Here is my review.

Does Yves Rocher’s Bust Lift Work?

I am glad you asked so let’s found out, remember I said I watched a YouTube video about bust lifting then I found a cream through one of my albums from Yves Rocher, I am actually a beauty adviser, so we are sent albums of new products every month just in case you were wondering about the album.

I went to their website and this is what they said about this Product :

To beautify your dècollete, discover the firming powers of the Madagascan Centella Asiatica. This targeted care especially for the delicate skin of the breast area and firms your dècollete.

Product Tested Under Dermatological Supervision

The Plus : Leaves a Powdery, Satiny veil on your Skin.

Having said that, so my journey begun when I watched the YouTube video and saw the cream, I thought why not combine the two to see what happens, the exercise was not complicated, it was a 3 minutes exercise and that worked for me because I have no patience for longer periods of time.

In Case, you are wondering I went for a course to understand skincare and makeup so I can have a good background and knowledge and if you want to know about the courses click here

The Makeup Artist mentioned that for any creams to work, you have to give it at least 3 months, so I decided to at least try to wait until after 3 months to write my review, so I then ordered my first Cream and started my exercises, I did it every morning just when I got out of bed. And never paid much attention because I had 3 months to check my results.

I started the exercise in May and Early July I had my Aunt and my cousins over, so if you calculate correctly you will see that I was on my second bottle. I was with my Aunt in the bedroom getting ready to go to Milan.

She turns and looks at me and says you have beautiful bust, like you never breast fed? I was so excited I knew my exercises and the cream were actually working.

The cream has natural Ingredients, it has dermatologically be tested and it has not given me any side effects but the results are amazing. And I am super excited about how my bust look.

So does this cream work?

my answer is a definite yes it does work and for me it has, because we are different individuals, my results may not be your results, but it is worth the try, remember it started as a joke but then I got shocking results.

I am on my 4 bottle and I have a gorgeous bust and I am in my mid 40s, that my friend is a confidence boost, I don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to have a gorgeous bust, but just a few simple exercise every morning and a cream that costs less than €20.

I think this is the best deal one can get. The trick is combining the cream and the exercise and being consistent. I do it almost every day, and I make sure I take one day of rest.


Cheap and easy to use No side effects Natural ingredients, It has Cantella Asiatic which activates collagen and improves elasticity.



Can I recommend This Product?

My Answer is a definite yes, this is for me a must have product, it works and it has natural ingredients, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, it worked for me in less than 3 months and I am very excited to see what happens after 6 months.

And that will be end of November and hopefully I will write an update on that. But for now I am very satisfied and I intend to continue using the cream for a long time now with my exercise of course, 3 minutes is not too much to ask.

Do you have any amazing product you are using for bust, share with me, so others can try but for me share only those that are natural based, I would love to hear from you. What other exercises that are effective when it comes to bust lifting?

And if you found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.


Product : Yves Rocher’s Bust Lift
Website :
Price     :  €16.95
Owners : Yves Rocher
Overall Rank : 95 out 100
Verdict : Legit


End of My 2018 Summer Holiday in Italy

Italy is a beautiful place with a rich culture, I moved to Italy in 2007 under very trying circumstances and I have managed to overcome that and settle down. Having said that, I had an awesome Summer last year with my Brother and his family, we had so much fun visiting Venice(Venezia) but today we are looking at the end of my 2018 Summer Holiday in Italy.

Summer What do you expect?

Italy can be challenging because of the language barrier but now most Italians are able to speak one or two things in English so it’s not as challenging as it was in 2000 when I first visited, my late husband came from Friuli Venezia Giulia in North Italy, he was actually friulano. We came in Summer and But I wanted to visit during Christmas but now I understand what he meant.

Summer is so fun and people have so many places to visit. This year I had an opportunity of having my Aunt and cousins over who I have not seen for over 16 years.

We had so much fun and we had the opportunity to visit some shopping malls in Udine Citta Fiera to be precise. But also we went to Tagliamento River. We also to the beach called BIBIONE, beautiful and mind blowing.

Tagliamento River

I actually live in Pinzano and every summer it is a beautiful place to visit, we did not see the bridge but we managed to get down to the river as shown below.


We also made a one-day trip to Milan to see a friend and have coffee as you will come to discover that having coffee is actually part of the culture, it was so crazy but that’s what summer is all about ! adventure.

And I love adventures We left by road around 5:30am and we got to Milan around 9am because we made a few stops along the way but I had an opportunity to see a few towns and take in the beauty of Italy.

We visited the Castello Sforzesco of Milan, it is a beautiful huge Castle and so many things inside, it was mind blowing and we had a friend Francesco Mogavero takes out around and explain its rich culture and what happened during that period.

It was so hot and we wanted to get back to Friuli Venezia Giulia same day, so we went for ice cream with him and had coffee and we also went to see a few places, it was a hot day and by the end of our adventure we were so tired and next time, we might just fly there..Lol

But we did have so much fun and I am sharing some of my moments there in Milan down below. Then I had to take my Aunt and cousins out for a drink at Spilimbergo before they went back to England but I was grateful because they had spent 1 week with me and my Son and if you want to read about my 2017 adventure please click here to read.

I am grateful for this Summer because it gave me an opportunity to see my family and spend time with them. But also made see new places and meet new people. I hope to visit Rome and see how it goes. So look out for my next fun summer adventure for 2019.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my article and we will have some Christmas adventure coming soon, I love Christmas in Italy and learning their Christmas Traditions which has now become part of my culture now.

Ci Vediamo!!

Yves Rocher’s Elixir Jeunesse UVBeauty Shield -GORGEOUS


Product : Elixir Jeunesse UVBeauty Shield

Where To Buy :

Owners : Yves Rocher

Headquarters : Rennes France

Overall Ranking : 94 out of 100

Summer is challenging for people with oily/combination skin, How do you know you ask, well I am glad you asked that question, I have oily/combination skin, but more on the oily side. I am so oily It’s not even funny, I can’t wear make-up because My face just turns into oil. For this reason I decided to write about Yves Rocher’s New Elixir Jeunesse UVBeauty Shield.

I went for a Make-up Course and our Make-up Artist suggested I try this UVBeauty Shield. And if you want to know more about the make up courses done by our Make-up artist Davide Balosetti, you can click here to learn more! by the way I am a beauty adviser for Yves Rocher so I always test their Products before writing a Review.

I wanted to learn more about this product before I Tried it and this is what it says on the description from the box:


This multi-protective fluid and hydrating treatment protects the skin from harmful effects of UV/UVB Rays and Pollution, and from the start of aging. It has 4 anti-age Patents and will protect you also from the process of aging and clearing of dark spot, process of agìng meaning, it will slow the process of aging.

How to Use

Shake Well before use and Apply every Morning on the whole face.

-Tested Under the Dermatological Control

-Superconcentrated extract of Aphlola

-100% natural ingredients

Cardboard from forest managed responsibly. Without Mineral Oil, Silicone,  and Parabens


It repairs Skin

Protects the skin from UV/UVB Rays and Pollution With It’s 4 Anti-age Patents

Illuminates and gives a youthful glowy skin.



Does it Do what It says

Well, I have oily/combination skin, not only do I have this but my skin is also very sensitive, so I have to be very careful when choosing the Products. Like this summer, I have tried Elixir Jeunesse and Yes it does illuminate and remember I am in my mid 40s and this Product  restores that glowy youthful look, my skin looks so Good that when I look in the mirror, I feel so much pride and confidence.

I Was sick for sometime and I don’t know if it Was the medicine, probably it Was, my skin became so dry and dull and my Hair Was so brittle that it freaked me out like crazy, but after a little research, I Found out that I had hormonal inbalance, so I had to change my diet, started using hormones in cream form and I will write about that one day but for now It’s skin.

So what did I do first, I researched and saw that Yves Rocher had a 10-Day Detox program and if you want to know more you can click here to read. So I started With the 10-Day detox, and then skin routine,  “is following skin routine really works-my thoughts” you can  read it by clicking here.

Then I Was introduced to Elixir Jeunesse like I mentioned before, you can actually use as a Sunscreen but also you can use one or two drops and mix With Your foundation to give you a that youthful glow.

So does It do what it says? Yes it does what it says but for oily people before careful because when it is too hot you use just tiny bit as sunscreen, but I love using it in my foundation and the skin is just gorgeous.

Can I Recommend This Product :

This is a Must have product and it is so easy to carry in Your handbag, it is small, I love applying it without make-up, I feel Good how my skin looks. So I definitely recommend this product it is absolutely gorgeous.

Try it and let me know what you think, and if you found this article useful please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to you.


Websites :

Owners : Yves Rocher

Overall Rank : 94 out of 100

Verdict : Legit

Yves Rocher’s Complete-Aging Cure With Botanical Native Cells – A Must Have


Product : Complete Anti-Aging Cure With Botanical Native Cells


Headquarters : Rennes, France

Overall Rank : 98 out of 100

Have  ever had a product that really blows Your mind away, this is that product, I went for a training about skincare and cosmetics and whilst in Class I asked our make-up artist Davide Balosetti about my skin in passing he advised Yves Rocher’s Complete Anti-Aging Cure With Botanical Native Cells.

I have written an article about Make-up Artist Davide Balosetti and if you are interested in learning  more about the course please do not hesitate to click here! I am so glad he advised this product and I ordered it, it is a 28-day Treatment but the results are amazing.

So I went to their website to learn more and this is what is said on their website 🙂

– Do you need an intense and one-time anti-aging skincare?

– This exceptional cure help regenerate the appearance of your skin week  after week

– The Cure works at night when the skin is more receptive.

Results : 28 days only, your skin is renewed and anti-aging results proven by clinical studies. It’s fine texture makes your skin incredibly soft and velvety. 4 Bottles x 0.23fl. Oz/7m


Redices the appearance of wrinkles, evens out skin texture, replenishes, revitalizes, firms, plumps, revives radiance, strengthens and renews.


None The Packaging is so cute and classy, As mentioned above you use only at night that is if you have a skincare night routine and if you don’t have you better have one. You will be happy you do, so let’s look at what Yves Rocher’s say about their Product and see if it does what it says on their website.

Does Complete Anti-Aging Cure Give Results?

Like I said I introduced to this cure by our make-up artist David Balosetii, I have done an article about his program which happens once in a year from where I am Friuli Venezia Giulia, and if you are interested please click here!

So does this cure give results? My answer is a definite yes, it is so watery lack of a better Word to use, I know it said it has a more velvety texture, I agree but it brings that softness to the skin, and We need our skin to have that glow of water and it just does that, makes your skin look younger.

Yes it does even out skin texture, I can say for wrinkles I am 45 and I have no wrinkles yet, thank goodness, I am grateful for that, but I had a lot of dark spots from the reaction of my Med I used to take, but my skin has Cleared so much that my Son Who is 21 years old touches my cheeks and says Mum you have beautiful skin, that’s how amazing this product is.

It plumps, replenishes, revitalizes and yes it does renew the skin, it is just gorgeous, the artist advised to use it twice a year and seeing the results, I am doing another Treatment after 6 Months and do again next year.

Would  I recommend This Product?

My answer is Yes because I have seen how Good my skin has improved, it does give you instant results even when you apply and how rested Your skin looks in the Morning, and not only that but how healthy the skin is because every is looking to have very healthy skin, and this product does just that.

Seeing  for yourself is better, so try it for yourself and let me know how it goes, you will sure Thank me like I am thanking our make-up artist and you are wondering Why I am saying our make-up artist, I am a beauty adviser for Yves Rocher.

And I try Products for at least 1 Month before I can do a Review. I just don’t write from research but from experience as well. I want to give readers firsthand Information. So if, you have Products that I can try give me a shout.

And If you Found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you. So here is to glowy healthy beautiful skin. #Flawlessskin