3 Level Annual Makeup Courses With Davide Balosetti -Yves Rocher Italy

  3 Level Annual Makeup Courses With Davide Balosetti – Yves Rocher Italy

Product: 3 Level Makeup Course

Price. : €80 per Course (€240 for 3 levels)

Place : Santa Lucia Di Piave, Veneto

Overall Rank : 90% out of 100

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Who is Davide Balosetti?

He is an Italian Makeup Artist and he works with Yves Rocher, Italy, I met him through a friend Angela Della Liberta, who works in conjunction with Davide Balosetti, he does his 3 level courses annually in Udine and Veneto.

He speaks fluent English, so for my English-speaking friend, this is not a problem, he is fun, he motivates and he did inspire me to even love what I do more, has a lot of positive energy, a good sense of humor, with Davide, there is no dull moment, you will laugh all the way through the learning process.

It is 8 hours  of learning from 10:30am-19:30 for the first course. Then we did another 8 hours for the second course which is intermediate.

You have the base which is all about skin. Very complex and detailed and it makes you understand what you need in order to have that youthful glow. And for me who has a website for skincare it was a plus because he went into details.

Day 1 – The Base Course

He talked about the following:

-Skin in general

-Skin tones

-Types of Skin types and the right products to use for each skin type.

How do identify the skin for clients.

-The Products to use.

They say knowledge is Power and I do agree, it was really mind blowing. If you want good skin or if you have a website and you want to really understand skincare and makeup then hurry and enroll for next annual courses coming up Spring 2019. He showed us how to prep the skin and apply makeup for a client.


Day 2 – Intermediate Course


He did a practical makeup application for us to understand and then he came back to explain the whole concept, first he did smokey eyes, I have been struggling to do a good smokey eye, his method is so simple that you can build from there, very simple but effective.

He did makeup in the fifties(1950) it was mind blowing and abit Challenging for me but I know with abit of practice I will get it.   He did contouring, using two different foundations and how to use fard, in a simple technique but very effective.

I can’t put everything into words, you have to be there to see how amazing Davide Balosetti really is.


He  then explained the concept and how to do the makeup out lining the right products to use and also he gave us the colors to use for each skin tone, and he explained both in the first course and the second course how to find the right foundation and the right powder.

He also showed us  how to use Fard, talked about the difference between Fard and blush and how to contour different face shapes.   I was give 2 white women to work with and it was challenging but also fun, in case you are wondering, I am a black woman, yes and beautiful too..Lol.

Day 3 – Advanced Course

Unfortunately I could not attend because I had other things to do but will definitely attend next year and I can’t wait, if God wills and then will update.  I know it will be fun and I am looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us next year, I am sure a lot of surprises.




A lot of practice and to the point



Adaptable environment


None that I can think of.

My Experience

I have had a few experiences in Italy, who doesn’t, but this is a guy who knows how to be global and he makes you feel like you are important and part of something big,

he starts with motivating everyone and speaking positively into each and every participate and for this I give Davide Balosetti, A big thumbs up.

He will believe in you regardless of who you are which is very difficult to find especially in North Italy.  But as it is everywhere, you find those crazy ones but you also meet amazing people.

And he is one of those amazing people you would want to know. The team comprises Manuela Urso, also an amazing woman and Angela Della Liberta.

Women who believe in themselves but are  also able to believe in anyone who wants to try and make something of themselves through Yves Rocher.

I had an Awesome experience and hope I can see more of my English-speaking friends next year in Spring.

My Final Thought

Can I recommend this program to someone? My answer is a definite yes, was the money worthy the program? Yes it was because not only do you meet amazing women but you also can knowledge in the world of skincare and makeup as I discovered that skincare and makeup go hand in hand.

You can’t have makeup without skincare.  If you found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave me a comment and I will definitely get back to you. And also you can follow Davide Balosetti through Instagram and Facebook.

You definitely need to follow him, you will not regret it, so I hope to see some new English faces spring next year, I know it will be fun and I did enjoy myself and learnt a lot of amazing stuff.


Product: 3 Level Makeup Course
Price. : €80 per Course (€240 for 3 levels)
Place : Santa Lucia Di Piave, Veneto
Overall Rank : 90% out of 100
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  1. Make-up is something that was invented to expand the beauty of females, Unfortunately, society has made something called-masking- meaning; changing the natural beauty of a female. I have seen how Asians look Italian after doing makeup-modernly. It is just horrible and scary. This seems good and not masky though. I think he has done well.

    1. Thank you for your comment and yes he has done so well and not only is he an amazing makeup artist but also an amazing motivator.  I did enjoy my course.

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