Yves Rocher’s Elixir Jeunesse UVBeauty Shield -GORGEOUS


Product : Elixir Jeunesse UVBeauty Shield

Where To Buy : www.yves-rocherusa.com

Owners : Yves Rocher

Headquarters : Rennes France

Overall Ranking : 94 out of 100

Summer is challenging for people with oily/combination skin, How do you know you ask, well I am glad you asked that question, I have oily/combination skin, but more on the oily side. I am so oily It’s not even funny, I can’t wear make-up because My face just turns into oil. For this reason I decided to write about Yves Rocher’s New Elixir Jeunesse UVBeauty Shield.

I went for a Make-up Course and our Make-up Artist suggested I try this UVBeauty Shield. And if you want to know more about the make up courses done by our Make-up artist Davide Balosetti, you can click here to learn more! by the way I am a beauty adviser for Yves Rocher so I always test their Products before writing a Review.

I wanted to learn more about this product before I Tried it and this is what it says on the description from the box:


This multi-protective fluid and hydrating treatment protects the skin from harmful effects of UV/UVB Rays and Pollution, and from the start of aging. It has 4 anti-age Patents and will protect you also from the process of aging and clearing of dark spot, process of agìng meaning, it will slow the process of aging.

How to Use

Shake Well before use and Apply every Morning on the whole face.

-Tested Under the Dermatological Control

-Superconcentrated extract of Aphlola

-100% natural ingredients

Cardboard from forest managed responsibly. Without Mineral Oil, Silicone,  and Parabens


It repairs Skin

Protects the skin from UV/UVB Rays and Pollution With It’s 4 Anti-age Patents

Illuminates and gives a youthful glowy skin.



Does it Do what It says

Well, I have oily/combination skin, not only do I have this but my skin is also very sensitive, so I have to be very careful when choosing the Products. Like this summer, I have tried Elixir Jeunesse and Yes it does illuminate and remember I am in my mid 40s and this Product  restores that glowy youthful look, my skin looks so Good that when I look in the mirror, I feel so much pride and confidence.

I Was sick for sometime and I don’t know if it Was the medicine, probably it Was, my skin became so dry and dull and my Hair Was so brittle that it freaked me out like crazy, but after a little research, I Found out that I had hormonal inbalance, so I had to change my diet, started using hormones in cream form and I will write about that one day but for now It’s skin.

So what did I do first, I researched and saw that Yves Rocher had a 10-Day Detox program and if you want to know more you can click here to read. So I started With the 10-Day detox, and then skin routine,  “is following skin routine really works-my thoughts” you can  read it by clicking here.

Then I Was introduced to Elixir Jeunesse like I mentioned before, you can actually use as a Sunscreen but also you can use one or two drops and mix With Your foundation to give you a that youthful glow.

So does It do what it says? Yes it does what it says but for oily people before careful because when it is too hot you use just tiny bit as sunscreen, but I love using it in my foundation and the skin is just gorgeous.

Can I Recommend This Product :

This is a Must have product and it is so easy to carry in Your handbag, it is small, I love applying it without make-up, I feel Good how my skin looks. So I definitely recommend this product it is absolutely gorgeous.

Try it and let me know what you think, and if you found this article useful please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to you.


Websites : www.yves-rocherusa.com/www.yves-rocher.it

Owners : Yves Rocher

Overall Rank : 94 out of 100

Verdict : Legit