Cover Girl Clean Matte BB Cream 560/deep for Oily Skin – Review

Cover Girl Clean Matte BB Cream 1 OZ

Product : Cover Girl Clean Matte BB Cream Fair 560/deep for
Oily Skin, 1 OZ – Review

Price : $6.94

Where to by :

Rating : 4 out of 5

Here we are again looking at another great product that I love:) and that is Cover Girl Clean BB Cream 560/deep for oily Skin.

So what is Cover Girl Clean matte BB Cream?

Simply put it is a beauty balm. This is a beauty balm great to use in Summer if you don’t want to use a lot of make up. And I was looking for something affordable that can do a good job at controlling oily Skin, so I decided to choose this product because of what it says about the product and here it it-)

It won’t clog your pores.
It lasts all day long
Oil free BB Cream
Suitable for Sensitive Skin.

All the above suited the things I was looking for in a BB Cream, So I decided to try it and see how well it works on my skin. I was looking for a great alternative for a Foundation since Summer is a no go for foundations, and here in Itsly summer is really really hot.

So What does this does this BB Cream do for Oily Skin?

First it gives a perfect coverage
Keep you Shine Free
Sets well
It lasts longer almost 10 hours without the face breaking out.

It was a must have for me, this is what I really wanted instead of always having to powder my face every now and then, kind of hard to keep up.

Did it do what it says?

Yes I can gladly say it sure lasts all day and it is also good at oil control, plus it won’t sure clog your pores. I just loved it and for the first time, I did rush to the rest room to powder my face, it felt so good.

Plus this product is very affordable, if you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to worry about how much it would cost, Good skincare products are very expensive and sometimes they don’t even give you the best results. But this one for its price it was a pass.

You know every women wants her skin to look good and a good BB cream will do just that for you, giving the perfect coverage and smooth glowing skin. It does boost my confidence to have great skin.

I highly recommend this product for women with sensitive oily skin, also the fact that it is a good BB cream to use in Summer, an alternative for a foundation, foundations for me is a no go in summer. It does keep you shine free which is awesome!

We are all looking for that perfect glowing beauty smooth skin and this product atleast it tries to do that, doesn’t it feel so nice to just look in the mirror after applying your BB cream and your make up only to see that glowing beautiful face? It makes me feel so good inside of me and I hope it will do the same for you.

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To a beautiful you!


My Best 3 Face Toners For Oily Skin

My 3 Best Face Toners For Oily Skin

Here we are again looking at what to add to our beauty routine for a Better healthy looking Skin. So what is on our list today?

My 3 Best Face Toners for Oily Skin

First what is a Toner?

Simply put: It is a liquid moisturizer that enhances Skin’s surface by living the Skin looking good, smooth and hydrated. Toners also get rid of excess oil and help prep skin for all other skincare products, like moisturizers, serums etc.

Why Do I need a Toner?

Toners are are used because they hydrate and replenish the skin, they tend to reduce enlarged Pores and Excess oil.
My best toners are those that are alcohol-free.

Here are my 3 Best Face Toners for oily Skin:)

Milk Make Up Match
It is made from green tea, a congealed gel formular, the first to be introduced on the market, ingredients like Kombucha and Witch Hazel work so well in tightening pores and getting rid of excess oil.
This for me is a pass because it gets rid of excess oil, I know how much women with oily skin suffer when they have their make-up on, I am one of those women, I have to use face powder every 30 minutes just to keep my skin from that shiny oily face. So stressful.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Toner:)

This is what the descrptions says about this product-)

Formulated to visibly reducess oil on Skin’s surface, while leaving it instantly fresh and healthy looking. Made with Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract and Antarcticine to soothe and Hydrate Skin. This non-drying alcohol-free formular gently removes any remaining residue, dirt and oil without stripping the skin of Vital moisture PH-Balance,and it is tested for safety and gentleness.

Oil-free, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free and color free
8.4 Fl.Oz – 250l.

Holy Cow Mineral Mist(Ocimum Tenuiflorum)

This is a good Toner with its Characteristics of healing, calming and warming. It is great for those women with skin issues such as infections, scarred face and wound healing.
I checked for ingredients and this is what it said-)

Hydro-distillates of holy basil(Ocimum Tenuiflorum),magnesium chloride,calcium chloride and Pottassium Bicarbonate(from an ancient sea bed 1500-2000 meters deep in the ocean) over 70 trace minerals in varying amounts from the great Salt Lake.

What are the main benefits of Face Toners

Eliminate dirt, grease and help smooth skin and clear complexion, they make all Skin products work better on the Skin.

Make sure you cleanse your face well before using the Toner and then you apply your other skin products.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article and please if you found this information useful please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you.

To an oily free beautiful Face!


Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream – Review

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream - Review

Product : Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream Light/Medium 30ml/

Price : $7.74

Where to go :

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

Am I Crazy About this Product? YES!

I was looking for a BB cream that would suit my skin tone, I know finding the right skin tone for things like BB creams,
Foundations is a nightmare for most women so I went to do my
own little research on Maybelline Website, I use most of their products from eyebrow pencils, eyeshadows etc.

So this is what they had to say about Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream:

“Dream Pure BB is our 1st Blemish fighting BB cream with 2% Salicylic acid, this is what got me interested so I went and did a research in salicylic and found that it is in simple terms a beta hydroxy acid, a key ingredient in topical anti-acne product. So it must help with blemish fighting.

So Does it do what it says in fighting blemishes?

Unfortunately I cannot attest to that because I have a fairly clear skin so this product works supper fine for me.

The Benefits of using Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream are:

The BB Skin-clearing perfector does actually even my skin tone.

Salicylic acid does clear acne, conceals, enhances and makes skin smooth.

It is also gentle enough to use every day, lasts longer and for me it comes out good when I use abit if my M.A.C Powder.

Would I recommend This Product?

Yes but first it is good to find the right skin tone, which I know is usually difficult but once you find the right skin tone, you will see the benefits that come with this product.

I love this product because it also gives Step 1 and Step 2 of how to Apply this BB cream. I think that is awesome.

So if you have found this review helpful please do not hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions and I will definitely get back to you.

To a better looking Skin.


5 Best Remedies For Skin

5 Best Remedies for Skin

We all want beautiful Skin and a glowing smooth and soft face, I do especially since I am a fun of Make – up, I want my face to really look good when I apply my make-up. So I found the 5 best Remedies for a beautiful glowing Skin. So here they are!

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

So What is a Mediterranean Diet? Simply put it is a traditional diet in Mediterranean Countries comprising mainly by a high intake of Vegetables, Olive oil and Protein. It is said to have many health benefits, and I can attest to that because I live in Italy and it is among the Countries that have the highest longevity in the world. I admire their cooking and how health they are, so I have learnt and picked up a few things from them. I have learnt and incorporated this diet and have seen amazing changes in my health and lifestyle.

I suggest you include this diet to achieve some Heath benefits but also a glowing skin. And here are a few health benefits of this diet-:)

Protection against heart disease, strokes, Protection against type 2 Diabetes and increasing longevity.



Water maintains skin moisture and also helps transport nutrients to Skin cells. Water is an easy natural way of anti-aging treatment because the Skin stays well hydrated, giving you a beautiful glowing Complexion.

Water will also help fight wrinkles and improve digestion by getting rid of toxins from the body, it brighten the eyes, by a cold compress you help reduce under eye inflammation. When cells are well hydrated, you will have smooth lines and wrinkles will be less detected.

Drinking one glass of water before bed time has been one of my rituals and have seen some changes, I rest well and feel refreshed in the morning, my skin is looking better. I also drink a glass of war early in the morning just when I wake up.
So go drink some water and see the benefits.

Avoid Food Rich In Sugars

Avoid Foods Rich in Sugars

As some of us may well know that Sugars are a form of Carbohydrate found in foods, including Fruits and Vegetables. Too much sugar intake can lead to obesity and other forms of illness. So eat them with caution or avoid them.

I love Cakes and Chocolates but I have now learnt how to eat them in proportions and to watch my diet which I fail miserably most of the time but I have not given up still working towards reaching my goal of losing some weight. Some of the foods to avoid that are rich in Sugars are:

Cakes, Pies, Sweets or candies, Canned Fruit and Ice cream, I just picked a few that most of us are addicted to. I know I am.

I would not really say avoid them but try and eat them in small portions and you will be fine.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

Cleanse based on what kind of skin you have, clean your face atleast twice a day morning and evening. Never ever go to bed with make-up on apply toner with a cotton pad after cleansing it helps remove excess oils, especially for those with oily Skin, and moisturize to keep Skin hydrated so you can retain your elasticity for longer and it will wade off signs of ageing longer but like I said before first find out your skin type in order to find the right skin products to use for your face.

Be Happy and Smile

Nothing in this world beats a Smile and a happy face, you can never have a happy face without a smile, people with a happy face and a smile really touches my heart and warms me, I have made it a mission to always wear a smile no matter what is going on in my life, I always wear a happy face.
It does make me feel amazing and you should try it too.

I hope I have helped someone out there and if you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesititate to leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you.

To a happy glowing face.


Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, normal to combination skin – Review

Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, normal to combination skin - Review

Product : Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, normal to
Combination Skin

Rating : 3.7 out of 5

Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub – Good for all Skin?

I got interested in this product because it was recommended by a trusted friend that it was good for sensitive and combination skin. So I wanted to give it a try. I have sensitive oily skin
Which is a nightmare when it comes to finding the right skincare products to use for my skin.

I was not satisfied with the results, it does clean the skin but does not give you a deep clean though it will leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub also does not have enough exfoliating beads to do a good Job of cleansing the skin.
But it does leave the skin feeling Clean.

I would not recommend this product to women over 40 or women with mature skin but will definitely be a good choice with young women with a younger skin. The other thing I liked about this product is it does not irritate the skin.


Works great and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
It can be found in most Supermarkets.
The Price is not bad.
The Scrub has a very good smell.


It does not give a good clean scrub.
It needs to have more exfoliating beads to do a good Job of cleansing the skin.
It is not among the best cleansers.

I will personally not recommend this product to older women but to younger women ranging from 18-25 years old.

I would be very happy to hear your side of the story concerning this product, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment.

Till next time,